28 July 2010

...and then I walked home.

By 6 o'clock it was delightful outside
so I'm confused as to why I even walked into the subway station in the first place.
Good thing I walked right back out
and decided to walk home
through the covet worthy West Village, into gorgeous Greenwich village, a quick stroll through

Washington Square Park and its fountains, right past SoHo,
and then home to the Lower East Side.
These are just a few mental photograp
that I made into real ones.

West 12th Street

I spent the day here
running to and from the laundromat
around the corner
getting the model apartment penthouse
ready to show
when I saw this:

a lost sock wall.
it was almost as great as the
rooftop pool
I discovered on top of the building!

Working for free keeps getter better and better.

just a walk in the {bryant} park

24 July 2010

{new york city}

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

Just a spoon full..? Really? I could have sworn it was at least a cup and a half..
p.s. the show was fantasic

"time after time"...

Although one might think that New York has acquired
one too many of them, everybody's favorite asian came to the city!
I was overjoyed to say the least.
We took this place by storm with some
late nights and questionable motives...
we also ended our journey by venturing to perhaps the greatest
of all chain fast food hot spots.
There were approximately 5 within a 1 mile radius,
which came in handy when we ended up having to go to 3.
For McDonalds #1: fix your "smoothie dispenser."
After all, blenders aren't too hard to come by when Sur le Table is across the street.
For McDonalds #2: Why don't you serve the real fruit smoothies advertised on the billboard adjacent to the building?

For McDonalds #3: You took the words right out of my mouth..
"I'm Lovin' It" is right.

21 July 2010

my weekend was as sweet as they come.

gloriously inventive and fantastically freewheeling

On friday afternoon I went to
to the home of

Flavor Paper
and it was beyond all my expectations.

these tables are where they silk screen by hand all the wallpapers

they had the most enticing showroom i have ever seen!

Lenny Kravitz even designed a line for them
apparently he is a closet designer..
they have also done installations for
Bergdorf Goodman
and so many more!
Here are a few of my favorites

18 July 2010

I had to go back.
I just can't get enough Shake Shack!
(rhyming unintentional)

"And he who feeds you... shall in nowise loose his reward."

On Wednesday we took these two out to dinner at
this great little authentic Australian place in Soho.
Their burgers were supposedly world class
topped with eggs
and beets
and chile sauce
so of course we all got them.

(burger found here)

Perhaps I had unrealistically high expectations..

but they were very... interesting.
The burgers, not the Elders.
The Elders were great and so were their stories!
Living in Harlem for a year (Elder Marr) produces a multitude of great tales.

Note to any and all future street cred connoisseurs:
Gang initiations happen around Halloween time.
Overall, I acquired very valuable spiritual as well as gangster related knowledge.
It was a great night!

1 Hanson Place

The extended rain
caused a continuation of indoor adventures.
We headed out to the
Brooklyn Flea Market
and it was overflowing with vinyl records, books, vintage dresses and old jewelry
as well as a few odds and ends that I'm pretty sure I spotted down on Canal Street
at one time or another..
but I just wanted everything I saw so I had to distract myself with gourmet hot dogs.

Which were amazing!!
Yet deceivingly spicy.

I walked away with the most adorable vintage skirt
(with none other than built in shorts!)
an old ring
a silk head scarf
and finally
once my overbearing need of worldly possessions subsided
we headed home.
I can't even wait to sport my one-of-a-kind finds!

10 July 2010

It was like a Zoo.. except all the animals were dead.

One wonderfully rainy Saturday I went here:

The Subway obviously had me completely enthralled.
But that was just the start.
One time in elementary school I went on a field trip to Space Camp for the day.
Seeing as how an Astronaut was one of the many things I wanted to be
when I grew up
I was ecstatic!
Half way through our star trek inspired digital voyage
I realized I was the pilot of our space craft.
(the job descriptions must have been quite hazy when mine was chosen..)
Somehow I failed my crew and the mission came to an abrupt end
when I lost control of the Nintendo 64 joystick
and collided with a star.
Which must have been why I was mesmerized by the I Max film about stars.
(inside the replica sun made of steel and hanging from wires
but the sun nonetheless).

There were also small fossils.

And half fossils.

And big fossils!

There were hats with whales.
(the gift shops were beyond my wildest expectations!)

And life size whales!

And there was so much more!
It was so much fun

I absolutely loved it!!

2 a.m.

So we thought if we started waiting in line at 2 am we would get a chance at seeing
Lady Gaga
perform for free at The Today Show.
We thought wrong.
The fans
(some in their own crafty get ups
refer to below)

who started camping out on the sidewalks of New York
3 days in advance
(refer even lower)
were clearly thinking right.
She even bought them pizza.

After schmoozing the
event staff
fast pass holders
vip fan liners
regular fans
and even
we gave up.
And went to a diner that enticed us with their ever catchy motto
"Belgian Waffles are excellent anytime!"
Which I completely agree with.

After multiple valiant efforts
I guess this is what we missed out on...

The Shake Shack.
One thing I have come to learn is that
if there is a line
I should probably get in it.
So I did.
And I ordered.
And I didn't even care that they mistook my name as Lidsay.
Because it was the best hamburger
I have ever eaten!