28 February 2012

it's married time...


Disclaimer: It's a married blog. But it should be more on the entertaining side.

08 September 2011


I don't even know where to start.
Has it really been this long?
Where have I even been?
I will give an update in a nutshell.
Where do I start.
I suppose I will start where I left off.
I was griping about my overpriced education and all that it entailed.
Good news, I graduated.
That's right, Utah State University produced yet another graduate, I have a diploma to prove it.
The best part is that it paid off the week of graduation:
I got a job.
Up to this point, I had been serving Logan's higher class citizens Kamikaze Salmon at debatably the nicest restaurant Cache Valley had to offer.
But, thanks to my new diploma, I now work for the
Architects at Utah State.
That's right- I'm giving back.
I'm using my education to give back to my educational home.
It's a great job, I couldn't be more lucky.
But it gets even better.

You might be thinking, "So she's still in Logan, why didn't she venture elsewhere to pursue her opportunites?"
To answer your question:
I'm in Love.
And I'm also getting married in 21 days.
I know.
The day we all thought would never come.. I practically get the senior citizen discount by Provo standards, so it's about time.
What's his name?
Alex Reese.
How did this happen?
We met at Betos. We dated. We broke up. We dated round two. We took a surprise day trip to Disneyland at 3am. We had a double surprise and got engaged.
And now we're getting married.
It's amazing, honestly, how life is.
Other things that have happened:
I went on a few family vacations this summer, I worked a lot, and I still don't have a tan.
I have so much to say, and so many pictures to prove it all.
But that is all coming very soon (and I really do mean soon).
So for now, just know that there is a chocolate diamond on my finger and a smile on my face.

26 January 2011

reasons today has been a bad day.

I awoke with a scowl.
I got toothpaste in my hair.

I didn't realize until I was half way to campus.
I slipped on ice.
I accidentally closed my homework without saving.
I opted to take a detour for a little pick me up after class
but they ran out of asiago bagels
and veggie cream cheese.
Basically they ran out of everything edible.
So I settled for a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
I am quite convinced that a smashed strawberry on a rock
would have been more satisfying.
So I got hot chocolate, on which I burned my tongue.
I sat by myself at a dirty table.
Turns out I wasn't by myself,
it was me and half of a pulled pork sandwich I was sitting on.
On my way home I was conned into taking a "free" doughnut
which required me to take a survey.
As I was doing so,
surveyor next to me knocked over my hot chocolate.
It must have been magnetically attracted to me and my bad attitude.
I salvaged what was left and took it with me for warmth.
On my way home I slipped on snow.
I got snow in my boots.
I arrived home only to realize
I left my cell phone on that dirty lonesome table.
Sure, someone could steal it.
But they'd be better off stealing a brick from a junkyard.
And it's only 11 am.

22 January 2011

19 January 2011

I have let this monumental occasion fall by the wayside
but never fear:
The Brown Family's first ever family pictures
{that's right, for the first time since 1992
our family joined together
in the same place
at the same time
to document

with help from this eye behind the lens-
this point in our Brown family lives}

18 January 2011

A Snapple lid recently informed me that
women's hearts beat faster than men's hearts.
I knew it.
Since it beats faster
that must mean it is bigger.
Which means it needs more things to fill it.
Things such as The Bachelor
and the occasional trip to the pet store
to get my fill of four legged animals
that I dont have time for.

And I'm fairly certain it has the storage capacity
for my increased love of fast food
and the ever so often sale item from Anthropology.

I will try to make room for my new found love
of Snapple facts.


What is this life I'm living
and what am I going to do with it?

I don't quite know,
but I am not limited.
I can never read all the books I want;
I can never be all the people I want to be
and live all the lives I want to live.
I can never train myself in all the skills I want.
And why do I want?
I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations
of mental and physical experience possible in my life.
And I am unlimited and quick to hope.
I have so much to live for,
and yet I have just started living.

I never could have imagined my failures
and how I would build upon them
and continue on my many adventures.
All that I have gained is experience
in the form of feeling
in the form of knowledge,

it's no wonder my head is so round.
Surely it's just my brain trying to expand.

Which I am fairly positive happens in my sleep.
Because I have a tenancy to awake with a knowledgeable smile.
Perhaps it is due to my overactive REM cycle
in which Leopard print seems to overwhelm my dreams.
Or maybe it happens when I awake
to my vintage bedside lamp

with its custom hand painted shade.
(I have a tenancy to get crafty on occasion.)

Whatever the case may be
I am so very happy.
And I love living.

21 November 2010

i went to california.

the placethe beachthe peoplethe foodthe thrillsthe facesthe sayings
"miracles happen at disneyland."
(refer to above.)

the end.

09 November 2010

and this one i just love.

this is it.

You know when you have found something that so clearly and wonderfully depicts how you are feeling?
Found it.

04 November 2010

and sometimes why?

Einstein once said,
"Imagination is far greater than knowledge."
So as I was sitting in the studio
it wasn't hard to imagine anywhere else I would rather be.
In my quest for a distraction
I found myself giving my ears a much needed refresher

first it was here:

at The Venue in Salt Lake City

Band of Horses
at The Venue in Salt Lake City

Parlor Hawk
at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Sleigh Bells
at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City

Sufjan Stevens
at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City

what a musically blissful month
it has been.
my ears are so happy.