21 November 2010

i went to california.

the placethe beachthe peoplethe foodthe thrillsthe facesthe sayings
"miracles happen at disneyland."
(refer to above.)

the end.

09 November 2010

and this one i just love.

this is it.

You know when you have found something that so clearly and wonderfully depicts how you are feeling?
Found it.

04 November 2010

and sometimes why?

Einstein once said,
"Imagination is far greater than knowledge."
So as I was sitting in the studio
it wasn't hard to imagine anywhere else I would rather be.
In my quest for a distraction
I found myself giving my ears a much needed refresher

first it was here:

at The Venue in Salt Lake City

Band of Horses
at The Venue in Salt Lake City

Parlor Hawk
at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Sleigh Bells
at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City

Sufjan Stevens
at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City

what a musically blissful month
it has been.
my ears are so happy.