30 May 2010

can i have some more?

I have been so busy.
Mostly I've been busy eating.
I'm quite the disappointment as a tourist seeing as how I only take out my camera whenever food is involved.
But seriously.

I have come upon some extraordinary restaurants.
I'm sure you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that here

they serve chocolate for every meal!

Also, you know you love food when:
You walk across the Brooklyn Bridge so that you can:

Wait in a 2 hour line for:

The world famous Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn.

I swear not every picture I've taken is of just me.
Or just me with an awkwardly open mouth and food.
Or even just me eating food.
I'm 97% sure that we got more than one Asian tourist inspired group photos.
My stomach has been spending all my money, I haven't even been shopping yet!
Soon enough I'll get my priorities in order and switch the spending to more materialistic things.

24 May 2010

i heart new york

After my 4 suitcase production from
airport to airport to airport to taxi to 101 Ludlow I am finally here! Where Jay-Z so eloquently sang of this concrete jungle where dreams are made of. (and for the record it was really more like 2 suitcases and a carry on and a laptop.) When I first arrived, Richard (the black building security guard) said, and I quote,
"girl you's in safe hands." "we be like Allstate baby."
He should really look into the comedy profession, he not only gives me my quickest daily subway route but he's got jokes for days. I have a constant layer of humidity added to every part of me. Frizzy barely begins to describe the unruly yet lifeless mane on my head. My room is comparable to that of a man serving 25 to life, but the view out my window is amazing! The city is crazy, but a good kind of crazy and I love it. I could barely sleep because I was so anxious and nervous for my internship, it was the same feeling you get as you are waiting in line for the Tower of Terror at Disneyland. After 2 hours of debating whether I wanted to look business casual, business comfy, or just plain business, I went straight into my comfort zone: I wore my leopard wedges. (Which I'm sure comes as no surprise.) I almost donated my cardigan to a homeless man as I paced up and down 5th Avenue where my office supposedly was. It was hot and smuggy and I was sweating bullets. A doorman helped me finally find my office, and when the elevator doors opened to the 6th floor I was in LOVE. The office is incredible, so beautifully decorated. And everyone is SO NICE- I really don't know that I've ever met nicer more accepting people. I love saying, "I'm on my way to the office." Because I really do love it there, I am learning so many things from the architect and all the designers, I could not have asked for a better internship.

I can't believe that last summer I was here

doing this

and now i'm here

working right on 5th avenue
and eating lunch at bustling cafes while looking at the empire state building
and going to dinner at night out in the city.

it's amazing and exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. but i am in love with exploring this place. i can't wait to finally be able to tell which way is North.
and to get a real job next summer so that i can afford life.

18 May 2010

but where are the lenses...?

Last summer
I happened upon a pair of
they were one of a kind
and so unflattering on my face
that it almost made me love them more.
They traveled everywhere with me.

(our waiter in Italy- who had an uncanny resemblance to George Clooney- made fun of them the entire time.
until he put them on. and realized just how extraordinarily marvelous they really are.)

But somehow
they got lost.

(nomakeup. facial expression is truly capturing how i've felt.)
I don't lose things.
even though things such as my room
and car
and closet
may seem unorganized, I could tell you exactly where everything is.
I have been searching everywhere for months
for my favorite pair of
I made every family member testify that they did not seal or hide them (mom).
or know their whereabouts.

And then...
this morning as I headed to the kitchen for my daily bowl of
captain crunch
there they were!
Sitting on the counter.
Just like that.

(I'm told they were found behind the couch. But I swear I looked there...)

I couldn't be happier.
I may even sleep in them tonight.

17 May 2010


It's here!
My old D.I. discovered then purchased Polaroid has been doing nothing but collecting dust over these past few years.
But now I have a new one.

Due to the fact that i bought a camera for the patience-less
(I obviously can't live without the instant gratification of a photograph)
you would think it would have arrived as soon as possible.
But no.
I have been waiting for days
but at long last it is here.
and it is beyond marvelous.
I have been been scavenging the cul-de-sac for the slightest hint of a photo op.
I couldn't be happier!
I can't wait to put my amateur skills and untrained eye to work.

12 May 2010

so this is Love.

The other day,
it was a day just like any other day,
Erika and I were in
Ross and we happened upon
the most absolutely fantastic hidden treasure
that could have possibly been discovered:

I made her send me these pictures.
I am still kind of obsessed.

How could you not have the best nights sleep
when you are laying your head down on
these sheets every night!

such a great find.

The Face Of A Boy Hearing For The First Time

This photo was taken by photographer Jack Bradley and depicts the exact moment this boy, Harold Whittles, hears for the very first time ever. The doctor treating him has just placed an earpiece in his left ear.

Date unknown.

How wonderful is this.

It made me think that everyday I take so much for granted.

And I need to start more fully appreciating everything in my life.

"it's like finding out that Jesus wasn't born on Christmas."

another one is leaving me to
continue her progression toward the
Celestial kingdom.
this little petunia
has been the best friend
I could have ever asked for.
But somehow, I am going from seeing her everyday and living with her
to living on opposite sides of the country.
Coast to coast.
This summer she will be in L.A. while I am in New York.
And then she will be Mrs. Kaitlyn Reese.

10 Lovelys about Kaitlyn:
1. Her eyes. They have been known to glow white in the winter.
2. Her real laugh. Everyone has their laugh, and then their real laugh:
the one that only comes out when a true scene of funniness is before them.
3. She is afraid of killer whales, ghosts, fish (and sharks), and needles.
I think in that order. Oh, and hatchbacks.
4. She loves to squish snouts, ears, and paws. be it dogs or babies.
5. She will do anything for anyone. She is one of the most sensitive, kind, and loving
people you will ever meet.
6. She's funny. Yeah, she's really funny. But even better, she thinks I'm funny.
Or maybe it is that we think the same things are funny, like MTV's classiest new show
"Is She Really Going Out With Him". Refer to #2.
7. Her enchiladas. And her love of Cafe Rio equal to mine. And Taco Time's crisp bean burritos
with a churro.
8. You'll never see her at a party. Because she would rather spend the night with her friends.
she doesn't care what anyone thinks. she is just herself.
9. She will eat a whole rainbow chip cake with me. With no plates.
Just the cake and a fork.
10. When she gets embarrassed. Which she probably is if she is reading this.
Because she hates when the attention is on her.
But i just wanted everyone to know how wonderful she is!

Last week,
I threw her a little
Fondue Bridal shower

Ashlee, Erika, Me Kaitlyn, Lindsey, Whitney, Ali

It was so much fun.
And I laughed the entire night.
Especially when Erika told us how she almost didn't join the church
when she found out Jesus wasn't really born on Christmas.
It was priceless, as were the many other stories shared.
I have the most beautiful friends.

09 May 2010

8 May 2010

In high school
there were 6 of us who were
best friends.
We developed custom Jesse McCartney dance moves
that we performed backstage at his concert.
We ventured to Disney Lan
d where
Kelsey bought 2 left shoes.

And I told a woman with a son and a daughter
that she had 2 very lovely little boys.
It's on tape.
Once Brie and I drove around town in Juan:
my mexi truck that was my only method of transportation junior year
and tried to find a boom box to put in the back wh
ile we went to taco bell.
Saturday, Brienne officially took the marriage count to 5 out of 6.

Her reception was just so Brie. It was so creative and beautiful.
And she had rock candy! This is why we are friends.

Her cake was so beautiful

I got to see the gorgeous Missy and her boys
I just love when I get to see her

And I finally snuck a picture with Brie
Is she not the most beautiful bride ever?

And her dress!
I was dying. I'm still coveting it. I'm obsessed.
Kelsey, you are one lucky man.

Oh this wonderful day of mothers!

Happy day!
even though every day should really be your day.
And I love you because
you love cupcakes just as much as I do.
Which is why I took you to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and got you one
for your day.

I love you because you can't ride a bike.
And because you don't know the definition of organized.
And I love you even though you leave that dirty butter knife on the counter

I love you because you think every idea I have is the best idea you've ever heard.
I love you because you laugh at all my jokes and because you don't get them 1/2 the time.
I love you because you will drop anything to help someone in need.
And because you'll pull the car over to help the kid that fell off his scooter and scraped his knee.
I love you because you can't cook. So, genetically, neither can I.
I love you even when you wear your socks around the house hanging half way off your feet.
I love you because you are beautiful.
I love you because of all these things a million more.
Happy Mothers Day Mom!!

03 May 2010

"The future
is as bright as your

-Thomas S. Monson