23 August 2010

i think my heart grew into the shape of an apple. a big apple.

i tried to miss my flight.
but i still made it back to Utah.
i hate when that happens.
this was a summer to write home about.
i miss it already.
Goodbye New York,
i will see you again soon.

Eric Cohler

The first time I walked into the 6th floor
of 95 Fifth Avenue
I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
And by the time it was over
I could barely get myself out.
I had the experience of a lifetime
I used muscles I never knew I had
doing heavy lifting and bag carrying
I learned what the real world really is
I developed ways to incorporate the word "tranny" into everyday conversations
I learned from the best
and this isn't goodbye
It's a see you later.

(Tony Klein and myself)

(Ashley Zatarain, Tony Kelin, and yours truly)

the conference room

returning samples to the d&d

05 August 2010

Doughnut Plant

Creme Brulee doughnut.
Coconut Creme doughnut.
Chocolate Blackout doughnut.
Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut.
Orange doughnut.
I tried them all.
The day I win a million dollars
I am going to buy a million doughnuts
from the doughnut plant.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Perhaps the greatest thing about not having a T.V. all summer
was living the real life version of all my favorite T.V. shows.
For Example:
We took a little afternoon trip to New Jersey and ventured to the home of
Cake Boss
I had prepared myself for a line.. what I hadn't prepared myself for was
a line
to get in the line.
So I settled for a couple touristy photos in front of the store
Followed by some world class tacos from the taco truck.

and then
as we were walking down the street
i saw it.
as seen on t.v.
the infamous

home to the hottest wings in the world!
I sampled some
and my tongue will testify
these wings are hot.
So naturally, I conned our friend into trying the
911 challenge
10 of the hottest wings in 5 minutes with no water during
and no water for 2 minutes after.

she succeeded!!
it was a phenomenal afternoon.