31 March 2010

Happy Birthday Poppa B!!

You started out great...

and kept getting better...

So I made you some cake batter..

and ate it all, with no intent of actually making a cake.
But it's the thought that counts...
Some great things about you:
1. You have a ponytail.
2. And a goatee
3. You can fix everything
4. If forced to choose between my safety, and saving a buck, I would like to think you'd choose my safety.
5. You let me dye my hair green in 5th grade.
6. You kill spiders for me.
7. You are the domestic one in the family.
8. You bail me out of every situation I foolishly get myself into.
9. You try your best not to scare away boys I bring home.
10. I love you!

So Happy Birthday Poppa Brown!!

Guess what.. we won!

At the beginning of this semester we were given our first project.
We had to design a library commons, a space for social interaction as well as study. We had one week to complete it and so Erika Blank, Kaitlyn Davies and myself got to work.
We submitted it to the IDEC national competition and we just found out that we won!!
Here is how it turned out:

29 March 2010

Happy Birthday Dusty!!

This little rockstar just turned 16!!
Can you believe it?! I can't...
He thinks he can drive now.. so if by chance you see him on the roads:
call us.
All he wanted this year was an electric guitar (he's already got a real guitar and drum set, which you probably already knew about since you can hear it from around the block).
My mom made an adorable guitar cake, and he got this awesome guitar shirt:

It works just like a real guitar: it even has a built in amp!
He gave us quite the show, dance moves included.
Dustin is the greatest little brother I could have ever asked for.
He is so loving, giving, and sweet. He loves to serve others, and will snowplow your driveway for fun on any day of the week (his offers are still valid in the summer).
He also offers great vacuuming services.
He was recently in the newspaper just for being his wonderful self!
You can read the article here.

Happy Birthday Dust!!
Love you!

24 March 2010

...I got it!

For over a month I have been trying to land the perfect internship.. and I finally did! I'll be spending the summer at
Eric Cohler
in New York City!

The firm creates updated traditional designs with a modern twist and vintage elements. I am so excited and I can't even wait to start!
Here are just a few examples of their fantastic work:

20 March 2010

Wish List..

This warm(er) weather has been getting so many ideas stirring in my head..
and I am developing quite the wish list.
First is this Breville JE95 850 Watt Juicer.When I first announced my desire to have this, I was told,
"You can't juice cereal."
Yes, I know that I am lacking slightly in the domestic department, but I would love to be able to juice fresh fruits and vegetables.
I even found the perfect

to drink it in.
But mainly I want this juicer so that I can use this:

The ZOKU Popsicle maker.
It makes these creative and tasty pops in only
7 (to 15) minutes!

This next one may be a shock to many:

This homemade
icecream maker made the wish list.
Although I typically hate icecream, I love to make it! And there is something so much better about anything and everything homemade.

And the best way to share all of these wonderful wish list items?
By throwing a summertime bash!
I want to send personalized invites to all of my guests in
these great calligraphy written envelopes.

And of course,
Anthropology has me coveting everything in their store.
Especially these summer sandles...
I think I need them.

That's the wish list for now..
I'm sure I'll find some more great finds to add to it.

Just been BB'n..(Baking Bagels)

There were
lovelys made today:
the first being these delicious cinnamon sugar bagels. No, I did not burn them, receive assistance from family members, or under cook them. They turned out perfect! Thanks to my wonderful friend Ashlee, I am becoming more domestic by the day. To make your own homemade bagels, you can check out the recipe here.

The second thing made: a great discovery.
I found a fantastic camera, in a fantastic vintage leather bag! Apparently my Dad used to be into photography.. who knew? I didn't..
I can't wait to learn how to use it and bring it back to life.
Overall, it was quite the successful day.

16 March 2010

Oh the home phone...

After a series of phone related events this afternoon, I have to ask the question: Why does my house have it's own phone? When I call, no one ever answers. When I'm busy, it rings constantly. When I answer, it is never for me. Which brings me to my next point:
When answering the phone, is it or is it not common courtesy to ask who is calling so that you can relay that ever so valuable information to th
e person who has to end up talking to the person on the other end? Yes! Yes it is. (In the event that you are too shy to ask, you can thank caller ID for solving this mystery for you). So why then does my family think it is okay to walk up (whether you're busy or not), forcefully hand you the phone (after years of resisting I've learned that if you don't take it they just set it down by you), and when you politely ask, "Oh, who is it?" they just walk away. The ever too common outcome is one of 3 things: 1- someone trying to sell me something. 2- Jehovah's Witnesses asking me to convert my faith, and if not that, then to donate to theirs. 3- someone asking me to give a talk in the home ward because they "heard you were in town" (another thanks to my family).
For the members of my family guilty of this: You know who you are. And to anyone else sharing this same frustration, I have a solution. It is 3 steps: First- upon the house phone entering you presence, avoid eye cont
act. Second- place your cell phone (the phone that house phone callees should have tried to reach you at in the first place) up to your ear and Third- point to your cell phone and smile, option two is to put your finger up (this implies busyness) and walk away. Problem solved.But then again, there are always exceptions to this frustration of mine. For example, if someone handed me this phone, I would willingly recieve it without hesitation.

14 March 2010

A crystal clear message..

I learned about something today that I thought was absolutely incredible. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a visionary Japanese researcher, and colleagues decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated, distilled, water crystals, using words typed onto paper by a word processor and taped on glass bottles overnight. They collected water samples from various springs, rivers, and ice all over the world. He then took those samples, and to half he taped or spoke words of encouragement, love, and joy. To the other half, words of hate, war, and rejection. He froze the samples, photographed them, and then observed them under a microscope. What he found was fascinating. The samples that recieved messages of love formed beautiful and perfect crystals, while the samples that recieved the negative and hateful messages created distorted and randomly formed crystals. Here are some of the photographs:
This is an untreated distilled water crystal
You make me sick, I will kill you
Love and Appreciation
Heavy Metal MusicMother Teresa Adolph HitlerThank YouFujiwara Dam, Before Offering a PrayerFujiwara Dam, After Offering a Prayer

Human vibrational engergy, thoughts, ideas, music, and words affect the molecular structure of water. Since over 70% of the mature human body is comprised of water, I think that the message is clear: Every kind word, thought, or action, betters not only ones self, but everyone and everything around us. Read more about this here.

13 March 2010

My entertainment of the day...

I was recently (I'm a little behind in the youtube scene) introduced to these videos: and I learned 2 very important things. First, I need my own fragrance. Second, it is possible for breathing to stop whilst laughing.

Although this entire video is the definition of entertainment... at about 2 minutes in is where it really starts happening. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

12 March 2010

Dear Lizzie

Of course I have found yet another treasure chest of desserts! Dear Lizzie is a Bistro and boutique that is the definition of lovely. It is vintage inspired, with french glass and sparkling chandeliers, a home-inspired Bistro menu, but most importantly delicious desserts. Captivating cupcakes, signature sugar cookies, and gourmet chocolates are just a few of the lovelys they have to offer. The perfect place to have a lunch date with the girls. I can't wait to eat a mouth watering cupcake while drinking the signature "Dizzy Lizzy" cherry soda delight! Check out this delightful store here.

Let them eat cake.

Yes, let me eat cake. If cake is the symbol of life's celebrations, then I could definitely find more things to celebrate. Everyone knows I could eat desserts for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, brunch, appetizers, probably even in my sleep. And cupcakes are at the top of the list! Which is exactly how I came across this great new dessert bakery The Chocolate in Orem. I haven't gotten to try these delectable desserts yet, but I cannot wait to go! Indulge for yourself here.

Too much on my plate...

Typically, I can't get enough on my plate (being the avid food connoisseur that I am). However, lately I have just been overloaded with school projects, well, just school in general, finding an internship, and all the other responsibilities that I have on my plate. There are just too many. So, it is during times like these that I avoid what I really should be doing, and I find things like this:

Exclusive limited edition Coco wall plates. I never really have been a fan of this traditional staple, but these hand painted plates are works of art. And thanks to their unusual but attractive designs, they could perfectly fit even a modern interior design. These charming plates are perfectly functional and can even be used to set the table! Find more here.

10 March 2010

What is a lovely?

From the day I was born I was told that if there was anything virtuous,
lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, to seek after it. And that is exactly what I have done. My life is full of so many lovely things that I just want to share them all with everyone. Lovelys come in all shapes, sizes and forms: they are every inspiring design, captivating photograph, unique opportunity, irreplaceable friend, mistake made, lesson learned, a simple joy, or rich blessing. I experience so much loveliness every single day, and maybe by me sharing some of my lovelys, you will be able to recognize a few more of yours. And that is what a lovely is.