26 January 2011

reasons today has been a bad day.

I awoke with a scowl.
I got toothpaste in my hair.

I didn't realize until I was half way to campus.
I slipped on ice.
I accidentally closed my homework without saving.
I opted to take a detour for a little pick me up after class
but they ran out of asiago bagels
and veggie cream cheese.
Basically they ran out of everything edible.
So I settled for a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
I am quite convinced that a smashed strawberry on a rock
would have been more satisfying.
So I got hot chocolate, on which I burned my tongue.
I sat by myself at a dirty table.
Turns out I wasn't by myself,
it was me and half of a pulled pork sandwich I was sitting on.
On my way home I was conned into taking a "free" doughnut
which required me to take a survey.
As I was doing so,
surveyor next to me knocked over my hot chocolate.
It must have been magnetically attracted to me and my bad attitude.
I salvaged what was left and took it with me for warmth.
On my way home I slipped on snow.
I got snow in my boots.
I arrived home only to realize
I left my cell phone on that dirty lonesome table.
Sure, someone could steal it.
But they'd be better off stealing a brick from a junkyard.
And it's only 11 am.


  1. Oh my goodness Lindsey!!! I am so sorry, that is definitely a filled day of disasters. Good luck, I hope today gets better!

  2. hmmm.... your post does not impress me. Nor does your bad attitude. Fix it, quick. This isn't you.